Of Ether & Silver

coming soon

A Message From the Author

If you are familiar with my work, you may know that I first published Ora and the Old God during the pandemic. As it did for many of us, the pandemic created a lot of turmoil in my life, and my newly published work never sat quite right with me.

To top it all off, I’ve been navigating a challenging and stressful career in marketing. The idea of promoting my work after a long day in the office is almost painful. I simply want to enjoy and share what I create.

To revive this story and reconnect with my work, I have chosen to bring this story to my blog so that I can make edits, add depth to this world, and continue Ora’s journey without the pressure of publishing.

While you can still purchase Ora and the Old God as a paperback from any bookseller, this version will be a separate work titled Of Ether and Silver. One day it may find its way to print, but for now, I hope you enjoy it for what it is.

I will be releasing the revised chapter one for free on my website this April. Check back soon for updates!