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I create magical worlds and tell stories to get lost in.

The Library of Infinities

The key is to remember each gallery exactly ... Two hours ago, Markel had no intention of stuffing a librarian in an empty closet. That the library contained empty closets at all seemed odd to them. Still, they weren’t about to...

The Wind: Flash Fiction

Flash fiction by Sarah Day.

Living Garden: A Poem

A poem by Sarah Day.

Ozark Moon: A Short Story

A short story by Sarah Day.

Beewolf: A Poem

A poem by Sarah Day.

Savage Girl: A Poem

To have a wild heart.

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nothing about fate is certain …

Wild and stubborn, Ora Widogast is determined to join her brother for the annual Tabas hunt. When he makes a terrible mistake, her brother is transformed into a pig, and she is taken captive in the fae realm. There, the fae Queen places her under the watchful eye of a cruel and powerful mage, Tyg Marigen, who despises humans.

As a world of politics and old conflicts unfolds, Ora plans her escape, but then, she makes a dangerous discovery—she can use magic. Something no human has done before. To avoid Tyg’s wrath and save her brother, she must find a way home before her secret is reveled.

But events take a turn for both women when a magical ritual goes horribly wrong …

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