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Ora and the Old God


Nothing about fate is certain …

Wild and stubborn, Ora Widogast is determined to join her brother for the annual Tabas hunt. When he makes a terrible mistake, her brother is transformed into a pig, and she is taken captive in the fae realm. There, the fae Queen places her under the watchful eye of a cruel and powerful mage, Tyg Marigen, who despises humans.

As a world of politics and old conflicts unfolds, Ora plans her escape, but then, she makes a dangerous discovery—she can use magic. Something no human has done before. To avoid Tyg’s wrath and save her brother, she must find a way home before her secret is reveled.

But events take a turn for both women when a magical ritual goes horribly wrong …

Ora and the Old God is the first book in a spellbinding fae fantasy series that weaves together powerful women and complex magic.

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“Day managed to paint a complex fae world and introduce an amazing cast of characters you simply love regardless of whether they are good or bad.”

— NetGalley Reviewer

“Day plays her cards close and doesn’t seem to reveal anything before she wants the reader to put the final pieces together…”

— Book Sirens Reviewer

“…intricate magic systems, adventures in other worlds, and political shenanigans with deadly stakes.”

— NetGalley Reviewer

“…the perfect book for a reader who is willing to escape into a mystical world where two women will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.”

— BookSprout Reviewer

“I usually give a book a few pages to a couple chapters to hook me, but Ora and the Old God drew me in from page one.”

— BookSprout Reviewer

“…a wonderful cast of characters and a fantastical creation of a fae realm that I think anyone would want to get lost in.”

— NetGalley Reviewer

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