Where to Buy Physical Copies of Ora and the Old God

Ah. There’s nothing like a physical book. The smell of ink and paper. The feel of pages beneath your fingertips. The lack of blue light drilling into your eyeballs (okay, okay … I realize many e-readers aren’t that oppressive). Still, if you’re like me, nothing beats holding an actual book in your hands.

I know I have many readers outside of the United States, which is pretty magical. I love being able to connect with people all over the world.

Unfortunately, Amazon only shows the Amazon print version, which ships from the United States.

And the international shipping rate makes me a bit queazy.

That doesn’t mean you’ve hit a dead end, though. I have global distribution through IngramSpark, which means you have options!

Below is a list of booksellers all over the world that sell physical copies of Ora and the Old God. You can also talk to your local bookseller! Ingram is the largest book distributor in the world, and most bookshops have an account with them.

Have a bookseller I should add to the list? Big or small, please let me know! I’ll keep adding links below.


Fishpond (NZ) – $23.99 (ships from Australia)

Fishpond (AU) – $21.99 (free shipping)

Book Depository – $21.46 (AU) | $22.95 (NZ)


Hive: £9.79

Blackwell’s: 13,42€ | £11.99

Abe Books: £12.54


I realize there are plenty of avid readers who simply don’t want to order from the beast. Here are great Amazon alternatives, but I also encourage you to talk to your local, indie booksellers.

Find a Local Bookshop Near You (US): Bookstore Link (Simply type in Ora and the Old God and your zip code!)

BookShop.org: $12.87

Barnes & Noble: $13.99



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