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Found a spelling typo? You’re amazing! Send a link and screenshot on Instagram or Facebook.

What about grammar or style? Yes! Note that I tend to follow Strunk & White and The Borzoi Handbook for Writers, a book I inherited from my mother. Both favor clear, concise writing. Consistency is important to me, so I’ll check any grammatical recommendations against these two treasure troves of English style.

Have feedback? I’ll take it! My projects are candid and evolving. I just love to share what I create. Keep in mind, creative work is subjective, and whether or not I use your feedback, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and insight. Thank you for engaging with my work!

Wondering when a new chapter or book will release? When I’m finished. I put effort into having a consistent creative practice, but I’m also having a lot of fun in my career. I’ll release new work as often as I am able, but please be patient. On my end, I want to make sure it’s worth the wait.

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