MEW Cat Rescue Charity Anthology

The MEW Cat Rescue is a very new and very small cat rescue in Northwest Arkansas. Because my town does not have a shelter and none of the other towns accept cats, we have a bit of a problem.

The profits from this anthology will benefit the rescue greatly. They need funds for food, litter, and vet care. This rescue saves many tiny lives that might otherwise be overlooked.

If this charity anthology goes well, I hope to do more for other causes in the future!

Submission Guidelines

First off, thank you for showing interest! This cause is near and dear to me because a couple of my good friends foster the bottle babies. That means they handle kittens when they’re at their youngest and most vulnerable.

Word Count Limit: 10,000 words

Genre: Fantasy and Magical Realism

Additional Guidelines:

Since this is benefiting a cat rescue, submissions must incorporate a feline into their tale (ha, get it?). The story itself does not have to be about said feline as long as you weave in a cat of some sort.

Flash fiction and poetry are welcome.

Deadline: March 31

How to Submit:

Send submissions to me ozarkbearlady(at) as either a Google Doc or Word Doc. You are also welcome to email me with questions.

All submissions should be formatted in 12 pt Times New Roman font and double spaced. Please use proper paragraph indents, and make sure you are not using any other formatting (no spaces after paragraphs, for example).

Important Information:

  • Your work will be used once and only in this anthology. You will maintain all rights to your work.
  • Please submit unpublished work only.
  • Since this is a charity anthology and all proceeds go to MEW Cat Rescue, you will not receive pay if your submission is used in the anthology.